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The first wasabi farm in Poland.
The wasabi farm is a family business. The cultivation of wasabi was a great challenge that we managed. The farm is located in the southern part of Mazovia (Poland) in an ecologically clean region among alluvial forests.
The history of the wasabi farm began in spring 2014. along with receiving the first wasabi daruma seedlings. The experimental stage lasted for two years and the first 200m2 was filled in the third year. In fact, it turned out that the wasabi cultivation is extremely unusual, and the plant requires specific cultivation parameters. In 2017 - the fourth year of experience, it is 500m2 crops.
It took three years to master the cultivation in the open air and in a natural but heavily modified substrate. Clean environment, unique substrate is the basis for sawa cultivation. Why this method? Because it not only gives the best quality rhizome but also it is a traditional wasabi cultivation in Japan.
Due to the climate, the aquifer (dolomite and lime gravel) is located at a depth of 12-15 cm, all in a slight incline. In the aquifer, pure uncontaminated water flows. Accurate cultivation technology is our secret.
Plants are extremely allergic to the polluted environment. That is why we guarantee the exceptional quality of our wasabi. A sandwich with wasabi flowers, a salad with leaves, or a shredded rhizome on the skin of a shark, is heaven on earth