• Why fresh wasabi is better than industrial?

On the Polish market, we can find pastes and powders from "wasabi". Unfortunately, most often they do not contain real wasabi, if they are already waste from the plant, for example parts of the stems or leaves. You will only find a guarantee of a good and unique taste with us.

The composition of one of the "wasabi" available on the market: "water, horseradish 20%, sweetener: E420, soybean oil, salt, lactose, curcuma, emulsifier: E473, stabilizer: E415, aromas (mustard), wasabi japonica 0.03 %, color: E133 "

The composition of two selected powdered "wasabi" available on the market: "Horseradish, mustard, antioxidant: ascorbic acid, tartazine E102 dyes, brilliant E133", "76% horseradish, mustard, tapioca starch, Wasabi Japonica 2%."

Unfortunately, they have little to do with real Japanese spice.